Bat-Signal Hunt

Find all 15 Bat-Signals hidden around the centre for your chance to win a Batman Lego pack and other great prizes!


Join in the fun from Saturday, July 3 to Sunday, July 18.


Grab an entry from from near Boost Juice and hunt for all 15 Bat-Signals, then fill in your details and drop it in the entry box back in the central court.


Second chance, with all 15 Bat-Signals moving on Friday, July 9 you can redo the hunt for another chance to win.


Major Prizes

There will be 2 major prizes;

5 years and under

·         LEGO Batman                     $89.00

·         Batman figurine                   $15.00

Total                                               $104.00


6 to 13 years old

·         LEGO Batman                     $45.00

·         Batman figurine                   $15.00

·         Batman Backpack               $20.00

Total                                               $80.00

Total value of Prize Pool             $184.00




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